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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tokyo Metal : Pulling Teeth And Friends

EARTH DOM is a small, airtight dark bunker in the dingy Korean area of Tokyo. It's here, and at numerous places like this you will see the best live performances on a any given day in the royal capital of Tokyo.
I have been following Pulling Teeth with a camera for a couple of years now and to the guys in and around the band as well as all the other DIY bands playing in the same league I owe a big thanx. I entered this scene as a complete outsider but have now after a couple of years got accepted and this has opened up doors to take more and better photographs of the people involved. It's a scene I love to be in and it's great to be able as a non band member to contribute with something that these people appreciate.

Tonights gig was shot entirely with Canons 15mm fullframe fisheye lens, f2.8. Had to be really close not to get too much stuff going on in the composition. The light was shifting constantly so the reading of both strobe ( -1/2 ) and camera (-1/3) had it's up's and downs but in general this wide angle view worked out better than I thought. The live venue was also really packed and the stage as usual, not bigger that an average phonebooth helped as well to get that "packed" mood as well as the comunication between the band and the moshing audience.

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