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Thursday, May 31, 2007

NxYxHxC V.S m.w.c.p A.K.A Furious M

Unbelivable. MadBall, Aggresive Dogs, Murphy's Law, H2O, Sick Of It All etc (!!) all in town at the same time doing gigs in some very cool places. In the heart of the biggest Love Hotel area in Tokyo is the famous night club "Club Asia", and it was here that some of the most old schoolish of New York Hard Core bands played last Wednesday. I was shooting for Japans leading tattoo magazine all day & night and got to meet some of the coolest people around. The day after this mega N.Y.H.C meltdown, headliners Sick Of It All took over ACB Hall and m.w.c.p was there as well.

Quote of the day (by MadBall's Freddy Cricien):
-"It's your life, and you do what ever the fuck you wanna do with it....!"

A pretty simple and reasonable message don't you think, but if you look around you, so hard to understand for most. Why is that?

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