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Friday, June 01, 2007

To Keep Your Objective (BTW, My 100th Post...)

Celebrations in the House, m.w.c.p has managed not to give up this very time-eating blog site for 100 posts. Maybe not the most full of insight and deeprooted posts all of them, but never the less, 100 is a number worth a note. I haven't got many comments during the year it has been up so I guess I do it mostly for my own ego, the usual trio of me, myself & I doing stuff together and sharing it like true brothers.
Here are three small anecdote from how things can be done in the life of a man (much like my self), a man who belives that the small, simple things in life should be treated seriously, and the big, complicated things should be treated lightly. These anecdotes are a set of three incidents from three different locations and times but has the same core objective, that is to keep just that, the objective. Do you find yourself in this man, I did.

One of the most sought-after bands in his careere would play that night and after many delicate strings pulled the presspass was a fact, free to run. There was just one thing on his mind behind his actions, only one thing that had to be done, and that was to find a good enough band who would pull the most hardcore audience. The audience was the target, not the band who he had every CD of and was more that thrilled to see live, finally a(nother) dream come true. To shoot the audience in full swing with a no-rule i.e fuck-you-up-for-real mood in the air was his objective and his actions was based on this fact all day long. To his astound peers not one single shot was taken of his favourite band even though he was feet away from the stage, those shots had to wait till his decicions were set on them, which could be never, so be it.

Foolish you think? Maybe?

One day this man was in a frost bitten New York City in a deep need for a toilet, and his mind was set on a very special one, a toilet many long blocks away, one that was sorrounded by art and art minded people, all set in a upperclass more posh setting than the ones he frequented at gritty fast food hangouts and dingy subway stations. He knew that he had to be more than direct in his actions to fool the guard and in stealth with the air of a staff member in bad mood just walk in through the doors, past the waiting minions and use the establishnments clean and warm restroom. The Guggenheim Art Museum's shit house is worth a deep minded objective such this one. He didn't see a single piece of "art" even though he slipped in for free and could have roamed the quiet corridors together with the other sheeps as long as he wanted. He would have queued in the cold for a ticket if he wanted to see the "art". He had money and didn't like to get things for free, if he taught it was worth payng for.

Foolish? You think about it...

In Paris his single minded objective was set on the Mona Lisa, behind her protective "art" killing plexiglass shield. He bought his ticket after a long wait with tired obese North Americans and chain smoking Euro trash. Found a floor guide and set of to the most seductive smile in the history of men. Soon after with fast steps he reashed the exit and made the most of the beautiful day in the real world .This paradise city of cities had real "Mona Lisa" smiles in ever cafe and street corner, without the plexiglas.
He had heard that Louvre, this giant feast of humanity and "art" has more fantastic paintings than can be on display and that he could spend days slowly killing time with all of them, both the dead and the living.

Foolish not to?

Focus and objectivness. The man knew what he wanted, but even more so, he knew what he didn't want as well.

No comments on this one (either) are needed.

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