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Monday, October 15, 2007

Linchpin Literatura VI

I haven't been updating the Linchpin Literatura post for some time now so here is a couple of "better buy" suggestions for you, building up a more defined sense of your own. Take inspiration from these people and shape your own style and you will be an inspiration for others, give AND take.

Mario Testino's ALIVE, this famous fashion photographers snap shot collection is nice. A reminder that keeping it simple works and a positive boost that it's not as much in the equipment as it is in the eye of the beholder the secret to great photography lay. Why is is that so many top notch photogarphers seem so... gay? I am far from homophobic but if that's where the secret is I am doomed.

Nigel Parry's BLUNT is a nice collection of portraits of famous people. There are many images in this book I really don't "see", but a few of them really makes me want to focus on portrait photography more and more. It's in these dark and contrasty black & whites I find my aim and this brings me inspiration to never give up. That's what photobooks do, or should do anyway. Give you a wider perspective of your own style and from there it's only your self that can take it further.

I love good photobooks and this is the only "hobby" I have, to collect a big volume of other to me great photographers work. Sure, photograph, travel, ride bikes, listen to death metal, get tattooed and all that is dear to me but that's a lifestyle, not a hobby.

-Stay tuned-

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