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Thursday, October 18, 2007

RxKxBx -SPEEED NIGHT- 17 NOVEMBER @ 9pm (new time)

SPEEED NIGHT is just another reason to join up with eachother and ride hard and fast with no rules in mind, all through the dense streets of the biggest city on the planet.

The Ghetto at 9pm (changed from 5pm), be there if you feel ready for a nightly assault on the pride of Tokyo, the Tokyo Tower and back.

Be Safe / Do Or Die

Also, on November 6 at 7pm, we have been invited over to check out this fashion show in Roppongi called SALONISTA. Bike fashion...? Hmm, wonder what that might be... I'm a Dickies and Uniqlo guy, still riding strong(er)!

Thanx for the invitation Nobby san, see you there!

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Nobby DEATH said...

hahaha. yay! See you today as well!!! I am actually kind of excited-ish cause I havent seen the clothes even, for the show. :-P