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Saturday, October 20, 2007

USUGROW -Linchpin Literatura Maximus-

USUGROW, the extremely talented illustrator has just come out with a new art book. I was asked to collaborate with him for one of the many CD jackets he done for varoius artists. Since I have been shooting the one and only New Wave Of Japanese Heavy Metal band called PULLING TEETH for many years now I was honored to be given this chance. I really like USUGROW as a person and his art work as well...outstanding stuff!

To see guys like USUGROW produce these kind of art work is very inspirational for me, it makes me wanna push harder for my own art in photography and fight harder to reach out with wht I have to show.


Thanx USUGROW and best of luck in the future with whatever you decide to do with your art form, I'll back you up with everythign I can.


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