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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Late Afternoon...

Been awhile since I updated anything on my blog. Had a couple of small jobs and the days just slips away. I found a blog today that made me open up my eyes again after a month slumber. In a way, the Mt. Everest Trail shooting was a so strong concept for me that I kind of lost track of things here down on earth, took me a while to get back so to say. But I realized lately that there are things to shoot still, stuff that is too interesting to just leave alone. I have to start some new project pretty soon, get going with some old ones and get in touch with my vision.

The weather was crisp, cold and clear this afternoon here in Tokyo and I saw on the way home between the tall buildings a perfect silhouette of Mt. Fuji. Took the elevator up to 9th floor of my building and got a shot just before the clouds cover this icon of Japan.

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