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Monday, January 05, 2009

Man Power...

The Nepali are hardworking and tough little men and women. While you're in the Nepali mountains you will see these human "pack animals" with loads that would make any seasoned hiker stagger and collapse after a few minutes. We call them Sherpa, or porters but they are just people making a living on carrying goods up and down the mountains. Some are true Sherpas, people from the himalayan region some are not. Nevertheless, he brings his load up through the valleys from early morning till after dark, allowing himself short rests and on a spartan diet. 60-70kg is what is considered the norm to haul up in rattan baskets with one string over the forehead as the only support. I've spent many weeks in the himalayan region and always felt a huge respect for these men and women sharing the trail with me. For me thinking that 2009 just started its cycle and still there are people living under these conditions in raw nature, this is a true eye opener.

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johanna said...

Hej! Vilka jättefina bilder! Verkar som om ni haft det bra och spännande! Jag har också en blogg...hi hi hi/ Kram storasyster Johanna