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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

New Format

One whole loop on the Yamanote-line takes a bit over an hour and there are more small camera stores in Tokyo than you can imagine within the range of it. Well, most of the top makers are from here, this is the land of the camera, not the land of photography though (in my view). When digital happened for real a couple of years ago the camera stores got overloaded with film bodies and other fine precision instruments. But since I got my two 5D's I seldom visit these shops anymore, so when I went yesterday and today to a whole bunch of shops I saw some really nice stuff. And these shops actually had customers as well. Meaning there are still people practicing this ancient art form of photography. I was in search for a Medium Format 6x7 Mamiya RZ 67 Pro II and thats what I got. Will write more about this stuff when I have some more to tell / show. Feel good though, so many things you forgot and doesn't realize when shooting digital, things you take for granted and just presume will be there for you. This kind of cameras are not going to give you shit if you don't do it right in the first place, and with the 120 filmholder I will have only 10 frames to make something worthwhile. I picked a 150mm f3.5 lens (roughly equal to a 60mm lens in 35mm photography) and a prism finder to be able to shoot the way I like. Hopefully I can extend the lens range in a near future, at least something more wide for the street.

Was waiting on the train, shot with my mobilephone. Contrast to the Mamiya I was carrying home in my backpack. Still...

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Uncle Allan said...

wow dude!! Can't wait to see stuff from that one and maybe even see it soon when we are back in Tokyo! You better be home and have some time for your Danish uncle! We will be in Japan from the 20th of march to the 25th of april.