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Monday, February 02, 2009

Days of snap shots...

I have been shooting with my G9 compact (!?) lately. Great to have this rather small camera when the larger and heavier things feels like staying home. The Daruma shots were taken with this as well as when I went to a live show by PULLING TEETH and then visit some friends at SOFTMACHINE the day after. What can I say..? I could write a fat book on what photography is and shapes my life, past/present/future, but why make it more complicated than it has to be?

Things in my photo "mode", how I feel towards photography from day to day goes in all kinds of ranges of tones. I will soon start shoot 6x7, this I have decided. Time to reach back a bit to the roots of photography. I realized that 6x4.5 just is pretty pointless (was shooting with Fuji Film rangefinder and twin lens reflex top viewer) compared with either 35mm or 6x7 (or bigger) when it comes to shooting film, it's a Do Or Die thing even here.

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