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Friday, March 13, 2009

Suzuki Yoshiki A.K.A Noploblem

Hooked up with my brothers from SOFTMACHINE again. This time for a collaboration with photographer Yoshiki Suzuki for a spread in FLJ (A free Underground Fashion Magazine?). I really like Yoshikis photography, he knows how to use his camera and can with a straight and simple way produce the most powerful images. This aspect of shooting and seeing photography really appeals to me. An honor to be buddies with these guys. Photography (and friendship) like this is priceless, has no boundaries.

Yoshiki will have a join exhibition with SOFTMACHINE on April 3rd near Roppongi, be sure to be there.

This is the shot that will be used in FLJ. The image Yoshiki took of me will be next to Using almost the exact gear, the images are light years apart....nice project!

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