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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My friend Usugrow is working on a new book and I was asked if I wanted to shoot the start/end inside cover. This is a big honor for me since I in first hand really like and respect him as a person, as then on that think his artwork is just great. The weather was cold but luckily no rain since I wanted to shoot outside. The clouds diffusing the light just right and shooting in B/W gave us a pretty good result. This one image will be a big spread so the midsection will take some of the composition away but I think we found the right "mood" and feel for Usugrows artwork/attitude. So look out for his new book in the bookstores in a near future.

Check his stuff HERE!!.

Just a small sample of what was done today. Thanx Satoshi for helping out!

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ellen said...

Åh,du är så duktig! Haha fast det skulle vara kul att träffa sin morbror någon gång ibland,nu när han är kändis oxå,haha. Kram ellen