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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Through a lens

I clearly remembered the feeling of seeing the first digital images when this medium started to come out on the market in publications etc. It was often a flat, cold image with the wrong color balance, full of noise in the wrong places. I do not think that a blurred or grainy photograph is a bad thing, amy times it actually helps bringing out the reality , but when it came to the first digital frames I really saw that this was the new way to completely destroy the beauty of photography. During the years we have come to get use to these "looks" and it has become the norm. Todays sensors and software may have improved on top of that and to pursue the "original" style has become a quest from all major camera makers. I was looking through Annie Leibovitz work from the 80s and they have a clear look of color film photography. Those images were at that time the role model style for most high end publications. If you would try to push these today I guess not many would be to thrilled about them. So, our eyes has changed, our mind set has changed and nothing wrong with that I guess. Like when the first color images came out, most old school type of hardcore photographers disliked it. That's what Philip Jones Griffiths said during a seminar I attended here in Tokyo some years ago. If it was not in B/W it wasn't a worthy photograph! So just to show you my point and again post up older stuff from my stock, I have here below some photos from Asia where as ONE photo is a digital file. Since 35mm has to be, developed, mounted, scanned and downloaded and I am a really lame photoshopper there are some images with visible dust or even hair (or...), part of the process. Can you my fellow man tell me witch this digital photo is? If you are a follower of this blog you might already have seen it and will then see it clearly...or, maybe it isn't as clear as I have come to view it myself?


Mikele 'o pazzo said...

quite a difficult challenge!
my try: the jungle on top

mwcp japan-Straight edge Photography- said...



Uncle Allan said...

wooooooow dude!! I am sitting in bad light on the labtop so I don't want to guess but damn man!!! This is the best blog post in the history of blog post and it has everything I love of your photography. Digital or not I love them all and I can't wait to see this post again on my own screeen!! It was also a nice flashback to our first geekouting where we had this discussion...well some of it! Anyway love it man! And also thanks for the cheer up mail. It helped and Denmark isn't too bad today.

HereThere said...

mmm..tough call to make but i think it is the Train photo.
as always there are some pretty amazing shots.Thanks

Anonymous said...

I became so engrossed in your visions, I ceased to consider the question, as each image captured myself, soul and all.