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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

OGRE in Svartvitt

AntiKnock is a legendary Tokyo venue, like CBGB in NYC but this one is still in action. This place is a dull MF'er to shoot at since the light consist of mainly blue, white and some weird pink/purple. All in spotlight on full or nothing, so you either have something too overexposed or way under if you don't shoot with a flash. I was shooting in B/W without flash through a fixed 50mm to see what could be done about it, turned out half good I think. This band is really heavy and delivers a well aimed punch of strong trash/death metal but in a kind of new wave of NWOAHM, so the B/W works for sure.

I put up some more on the RxKxBx site as well, way way different though....HERE

A friend of mine saw SickOfItAll play here once 15 years ago or something, half time and the organizers had to stop the show, tell everyone to go outside for half an hour so they could get some air pumped down (it's in the basement) so the band could breath and have people stop passing out allover. Around the corner is a small police shack (called "Koban" in Japan...BTWFTP) and they had stopped response to calls from AntiKnock for all the fights. Just let the mayhem continue as long as it wasn't taken up on the streets. Pretty slow nowadays though, guess todays kids just have a too strong emo DNA implanted in their girlish little wannabee fake lifestyles....did I just say that....? So what!

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