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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Mayday Mayday Mayday

May 1st, while the majority were out there with flapping banners and coarse slogans I spent midday eating an All-You-Can-Eat cake buffet for lunch (weird experience indeed, heavy sugar rush after second helping). Then a walk in the park with my better half, loaded with whipped cream and cheesecake, summer is here again. I have the luxury of being in possession on a small lot of dirt, well, we call it our garden. And the tulips we got from someone was in full bloom so I couldn't resist to shoot some. Flowers are cool in many ways. The colors, shape, the social meaning and purpose as plants...ever though why they look like they do? Darwinism rules.

Then did a couple of hours on a future photo exhibition about the history of The Ghetto. Was shooting my friend Ako's art exhibition there, in the shadier part of town. Black&White suited best to the mood and also a fine contrast to todays earlier outings.

The Ghetto


Tanya Raab said...

the tulips look amazing and i don't think i've seen the yellow kind before...
and yes, i did wonder a lot about why things look like they do and the only answer i could come up with was: God made them like that.

Have a nice Sunday!
Cheers, Tanya

mwcp japan-Straight edge Photography- said...


Since I know you are only 16 I thought your comment was kinda cute and innocent. When I was 16, the biggest joy of my life was ride my moped and read Stephen King. The day when you realize that there is no "god", just only you, will be a day I hope you treasure. Wake up sister!!


Tanya Raab said...

hahah oh come on, it was a metaphor, ofc i know there is no god or at least i don't believe in him/it.
Well, mopeds and Stephen King books huh? damn, that sounds pretty...lets say boring. My biggest joy is havin' a good camera and being at the studio everyday.

Cheers mate!

mwcp japan-Straight edge Photography- said...

Hi T

That's a relief. May the light be with you Young Jedhi!