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Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Creature V.S OGRE

First day of shooting OGRE Japan's new promotion video for their song "Betrayer". I decided to go out of the normal "promo" rut and do more of a "visual" field study of the from-now-on Ogre's symbolic real-life demon. This guy is real, no fake stuff my friends. Well, the blood was cos we couldn't find enough real human blood in time for the shooting...ha ha ha. The music OGRE plays are really heavy and hits you in the face like a sledgehammer. I will with this piece try to get the musical and the visual to be a mismatch of a sort where hopefully the visual helps to tighten the musical end vice versa. Also to push "The Creature" a.k.a Mao more into the Ogre "family". If you see him at a show, pay him some respect. Lets see how the boys like it after editing and all that stuff. A real challenge for me to shoot something like this on video, as well as another aspect of visuality. Shooting elephants in the forests of Northern Thailand, Lighthouses in Oregon, cooperative CEO's or blood stained death metal is all the same when it comes down to the basics. Just have to try to keep it simple&clean, straight and with a personal touch.

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