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Monday, July 13, 2009


I was invited to shoot metal band SURVIVE for their DVD release gig last Saturday. Pulling Teeth, another band I have also been shooting for many years now was opening up. Nice to see these people from time to time, they all live for the music and it seems like everything they do is evolving around the band and music. I like this kind of dedication to a cause, whatever it may be.
Funny when you shoot bands, you get your "favorites". Some musicians are just more photogenic than others, the way they move, their pose and statue all play roles in how the final composition will be. For some reason (I actually don't really know why myself) I always get just the perfect shots when I shoot Shinjiro (Bass Survive), I don't think I have one "bad" shot of him. Same goes for Taiji (Bass Pulling Teeth), it's good fun when it turns out just like you have prepared to shoot, get what you played up on beforehand in the mental image. Of course the opposite also occurs. There are some people really hard to get a good shot of. I won't tell you who, you'll see for your self.

Pulling Teeth

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Yo, those are some dope shots! Especially the one with the dude with the guitar swinging his hair, looks epic!