Stay Sharp

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Back in Japan. It proved to be a rather strange feeling to be back home after 4 months in a so different lifestyle and environment. Got to do some more work (never enough...) on my elephant project as well as some humble Street stuff from both Thailand and Singapore. Tokyo is colder that I have ever experienced due to being in a tropical South East asian summer with well over 36C as the norm. With grey weather greeting you from the airport and the stoic Tokyoites covered up in down-toned colored  coats, like going from highly saturated to overexposed monochrome.

Some street stuff I liked

An evening in Bankok's China town 

These guys are just the coolest



Uncle Allan said...

ahhhhhhhh....soooo good to see phots from you again! Calms me down and but at the same time totally gets me excited and make me wanna go take pictures!!!
A real mail will hit your inbox soon

Flora Amalie said...

Oh, elephants... sigh.
Hope you'll still be in Tokyo in april.