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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Me and writer Tony McNicol have worked on quite a few projects for ANA's (All Nippon Airline) inflight magazine "Wingspan"by now and this one was an interview on Alpinist/Environmentalist Ken Noguchi.

Check this link for more images from that interview HERE!

Last year I had the chance to head over to Nepal again for my second time walking the Mt. Everest trail solo back in 1997. First time I didn't really bring any proper camera equipment, this time I did and some of the images ended up in Wingspan as a 6 page photo essay. I also made a small photobook to raise some funds for various school and hospital projects in Nepal.

DECEMBER 2009 Issue

Check many more images of the stunningly "real" Himalaya solo project HERE!

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HereThere said...

Roy here (went with you guys on a couple memorable RKB rides)
loved the Photos how,where can i get the book?