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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beyond The Point Of No Return

You ride past these places on almost any road in rural Thailand. Trashed little temples left to the elements by the road. People still offer a can of pop to the spirits just in case they did't got totally burned or smashed. Religion (All of them!!) is for me something really interesting and worth spending time studying and learn some about. The more you learn and study about this theme the more clear it is that it all evolves around the glorious three i.e. Power, Money...and Fear. Same topics as the best heavy metal that ever been made, yeah man...that's my religion! Live till you die.
While the traffic was speeding by just a couple of meters behind me kneeling in the ash and dust to get close angles, a man we would call the town's fool kept me company. Who is to say that this man with his taped spectacles and fucked up way of going about his business doesn't have it all figured out and can see more clearly what's up that any of us of the so called normal people can? While steering by in a VIP SUV with fake friends in the back seat and a grand life scheme written down on a forgotten note, you rarely see the man on the side of the road looking at you but through you with crossed fingers.

All by Canons simple and cheap 50mm, 1.8f prime plastic lens, a given back-up lens and many times better than the other so called up-scale lenses due to its light weight and small size. Fast enough for most situations as well.

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Uncle Allan said...

ohhh I am glad that I didn't see these pictures yesterday when I wrote you! I would not have gotten any sleep!! Now I wanna go shoot. I think today shoot will be more rough and black n white...if the weather allows it!
...And you know how I love my 50 mm!!!!!!!