Stay Sharp

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fender In Windowlight

Came home and the sun was setting in just the right way, giving the afternoon light a warmer tone I have yet to come by (in this room anyway). Needed to shoot something before it was gone and what could be more perfect than a beautiful clear lacquered Fender Stratocaster. The yellowish wood gave me different tones from different angles and with a 50mm 1.8f on a 5D, the corners had a natural lens vignetting that I liked.

 Just had to shoot a self portrait as well.

Wish I had someone else to shoot in this light as well, it was near perfect widow light and a handheld point-at-yourself seldom get the right angles (see above, the doorknob was spot on!!)


Uncle Allan said...

YEAH buddy!! More 50 mm action!! I guess I better post some of mine soon. Not as good as yours though but 50 mm at f1.8 none the less.
That does look like the perfect portrait light. That never happens!! You always hear about it but it has never happened to me.

G said...

It's nice photo!
I like this light!!!

But guitar is instrument,hahaha!
Practice hard and play with me!