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Friday, March 11, 2011


Below is a link to the blog post I would represent my photography (if someone asked me today!). As with all, how you view even your own work differs depending on mood, lifestyle, experiences and where you are in the world. Stuff happens all the time and if you lived in a box nothing would change perhaps, I never have or will live in a box so I accept changes and roll with the punches pretty well by now. I feel a great comfort that I once were at these places shooting these moments. There have been for the last couple of years and continues to be a mind blowing roller coaster of various moods to get todays images. Techniques, gadgets and tools can't really change anything fundamental, the eye may grow old and tired, blurred out but the vision stays the same. Is it a way of evolving or just being lazy, developing or being lost? I don't really mind too much whatever it might be, because I know from seeing these old images that what once was still is.

Check it out HERE!

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