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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Legion Of Andromeda

Shot new album promotion stuff for my brothers of Legion Of Andromeda, a primitive monotonic and extremely dense blackened dead death/doom metal band based out of Tokyo, check CD review and HERE. Listen to a couple of tracks and you will "see" that this is black/white music. We wanted a feel of non-human where the music is the core and the looks of who ever produce these sounds are less if not of no importance. Turned out pretty cool I think and ended up with pretty much what I had in mind. As for you who follow my stuff here know by now, I have had the majority of my mind on other projects outside of photography the last couple of years. So it was a rather good feeling to set out into the night and shoot these guys in the darker quarters of Shinjuku in central Tokyo. This area is where I have spent most of my time during my 15 years in Japan and I know every forgotten backstreet which hides some of the coolest locations for great portrait and location photography.

Some test shots that turned out ok, but slightly too humane and "worthyoflivingalifeonplanetearth"…ha ha ha…
I have to continue on this "non human" theme, I can see that this will be something to put more energy and mind into. Stay tuned.

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