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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Part 2/6 - 5 Roll Project

New Years eve 2014. Sitting in my Kitchen noodling with various stuff on the laptop. Had a good year overall, not sure why this melancholia is hitting me so hard and so often. Got fed, slept warm and dry most nights with a roof over my head, had love reaching out and grabbing me more than once, what more does a man need really? I can by now sort out the rotten moves that was handed to me during the last 365 and let them stay locked in for a day I decide to take care of it. No action without an reaction.
Thought I post a Part II of this 6x6 film thing I named "The 5 Roll Project". Always liked nature, always liked the ocean. Got this fascination with trees as well as a turbulent sea from an early age. Tokyo is a pretty green place after all, being such a metropolis in the heart of the Japanese industrial and economical machine. That the indigenous men with a steel mind let seemingly "wild" things prosper it is a sign that the roots of nature means more than any concrete, steel or glass conquest in the name if prosperity. When I say I like trees I mean the irregular shape and patterns that has during the years have had free reign to develop into something unique. Trees and plants are cool, I just like to see them, to be near them as much as possible. In the past they used the branches of sturdy trees to hang the unruly and wild from…what a paradox juxtapose.

All handheld Hasselblad 503CX / 80mm f2.8

This second part I name :  18%TERRESTRIAL 

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