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Thursday, January 01, 2015

Part 3/6 - 5 Roll Project

This is something I would like to continue working on, the movements and different moods of water, especially the Sea. I made a living working on cargo ships on the worlds big open seas for 10 years back in the 90's and it has been with me ever since, a huge admiration and deep affection for the Ocean and all what she represents. I wanted some "water" frames but having rather limited access to the open sea here in Tokyo I went down to the man made land fill area just south of the city with my 2 remaining rolls of 120 film (set out with 5 rolls in the morning). This area is absolutely special, all here is man-made, surrounded by the black water that makes up the city's ancient natural harbor in Tokyo bay. The "land" that the huge structures stand on here is more or less a gigantic garbage dump (i.e landfill), the bridges that connects it to the city and all in between is obviously made and deposited here by man. What used to be ocean is now an enormous playing ground that will host the next Olympic. Anyways, I often come here at night as there are places here that enables you to explore sites not meant for public access. The reminder that you actually are "in" the sea is always present. Water below, multi lane motorways high above, a crisscross of lower bridges below. All carrying heavy traffic, an endless stream of goods being transported, greasing the wheel of industrial prosperity. Areas here are fenced off in a lame attempt to keep men out but since no one really comes here on foot (in my case bicycle) and especially at night there is no guards to make sure you commit the ultimate insult in Japanese society i.e. the breaking of rules. The mood was sublime so I was really excited and felt glad that I made it here instead of going somewhere else or calling it a day. A cold and windy night, enough to give some movements of the black water, strong reflections. Low light and low ISO means slow shutter and a fully open lens. Though, didn't turn out too blurred to ruin the mood I was looking for. I accidentally loaded a color negative film in the dark, shooting color with a B/W mindset usually turns out completely weird, looked cool this time I think. I could write more about the sea and what it means for me, maybe I'll do one day.

Title : Earthless

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