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Sunday, January 04, 2015

Part 6/6 - 5 Roll Project

Listening to CVLT NATION's 2.5h long sample "Doom Nation Black" atm. Sunday blues pressing down heavy on my broken being. Fight fire with fire. To add insult to injury and really go the full mile I will post my last 6 shots from the 5 Roll Project. A mix of grim, blurred and moody frames that actually is perfectly suited to what today is, but on the same hand very misplaced when it comes to the joy and sheer excitement I got out of heading out with my camera and 5 rolls one day a couple of weeks back in MMXIV. The actual "plan" was to just get something done, no strings attached, no big scheme with a glorious goal at the end, no profit except on a personal level. No, just to strap on the camera and hit he city, see what this crazy place I call home could give you on 60 frames of medium format 6x6 film. Like I mentioned before, I got around 40 frames that wasn't completely "wrong", I know I missed to scan the shot I was most thrilled to shoot (thanks Paul for lending me your scanner btw)…man, that is life, sometimes you miss out on the good stuff but in the end of the day there is no one but yourself who actually cares (and I have the negative…so there you go). Maybe I get it done someday and post it, who knows. Posted 37 out of these here below in 6 Parts. Turned out to be 6 parts i.e man, tree, bldg, water, dark and lost that had some line drawn between them. This last Part is more or less leftover bastards that I can not label as one so I call it "lost", wasn't supposed to shoot color but in all haste in the dark under a bridge in the forgotten part of town I accidentally loaded a color negative and got what I got. Decent stuff actually, these turned out better that I would like to admit. Maybe my long lasting heavy grit Monochrome Period slowly coming to an end and another dimension with colors is taking shape? Doubt it but who knows. I've got a stash of insanely outdated 120 color negatives in the fridge that could come handy if I so choose...
Images, Words and Music is getting shaped into one big heavy demolition ball of inspirational destruction, life rolls on and as long as there is some creativeness left to explore there will be a way up and out.

There is only one suitable title for this set : Doom Nation MMXIV


DarePhoto said...

Good stuff, inspiring. Thanks for posting.

Finnish Death Metal Maniacs FEST said...

Up and out is a good motto for living!

I tried to hit you up on facebook with some info on the festival, but seems like you dropped off there. Lemme know how's it going and keep in touch!