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Saturday, January 03, 2015

Part 5/6 - 5 roll Project

The city expanding rapidly and without mercy. The mentality of "He-who-has-most-shit-when-he-dies-wins"is blooming, thriving and even though I always liked the engineering behind any larger-than-life structure (lots of good stuff out here, I've seen some by now that would rock the sox of a 30 year younger me) I have to admit it's with a slight distaste I see how new full areas are popping up all around the city like there is no tomorrow. Gonna be a hell of a racket when the big Kanto quake level it all. Can't say I really care since I'm so far outside this spectrum of the society here and everywhere else that it's just a mere observation. If there is a demand there will continue to be providers. Heard somewhere that the economy is taking a steep plunge and people grinding their teeth of how the Yen, Dollar and what not is loosing it's values. Doesn't really affect me and my close to zero impact (and wealth) on any social balancing scale so I continuing to give off just the slightest footprint in the sand before next tide wash it away as one never existed in the first place. Always been the melody I have waltzed through life with. Here in this city as in any other place, power is displayed in real estate, vehicles, a beautiful/respected spouse and as much shit as you can possibly squeeze in between the gaps. Anyways…buildings are straight (most of the time, the once I like anyways), square and fun to shoot with a medium format 6x6 camera. Architecture is a way of human expression, though these apartment buildings has only "functionalism" written all over them, nothing wrong in being functional I guess. No flare, just function all the way. A rant is a rant is a rant…but this was essentially a 5 Roll photo project so we save the rant of all rants till another sunny day.

Lets call this set : Altho Do Diabo

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