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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Conspiracy Inc.

The worlds most famous Uncle Allan is in town for a guest work stint at INK RAT tattoo parlor here in Tokyo ( I had an appointment for a piece on myself on Sunday (still some bare skin to work on, not much but still...) and on Monday, we got the interview on tape and a photography session on files for a coming issue of TattooBurst magazine. I always like to meet cool people and to have an opportunity to work with these kinds makes everyday so much better and interesting.

Check Uncle Allans web at - and

Uncle Allan will as well as many other cool people be attending the tattoo convention (Iron&Ink) held in June 8-10 onboard Queen Mary in Long Beach C.A. I will cover the event for various magazines so if you're there and wanna get your face in a tattoo mag or bike mag, this is the chance I guess. Petit gals with glasses are all-time favorites...

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