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Friday, March 23, 2007

SlipKnot #0

So cool sometimes to have this job as a freelance photographer, especially here in Tokyo. You get to meet lots of cool people from time to time. You get to meet lots of not so cool people as well but hey, at least you are out there doing something that you by your self have chosen to do, shit, you even get paid to do it....most of the time anyway (up Market luxury car magazine LUX G ( bailed out on the payment for a 6 page fashion shot I did for them). Sneaky bastards these so called trend setters with their back stabbing everyday lifestyle! Thay know they are the loosers in the long run and that the "easy come , easy go" shit will come back to themselves in the end.

Anyways, here was a shoot I did just the other night of Sid A.K.A SlipKnot #0 when he came to town for a DJ sessio at club WOMB in Shibuya. He got some nice ink done from all over the place. Paul Booth, Filip Lou to name a few. Cool guy for sure.
Check July issue, VOL 38 of TATTOO BURST for this report.

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