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Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Backup

I added a new member to the m.w.c.p klan the otherday, a secondary back-up body in form of Canon's 5D, a camera I've got used to and now really enjoy working with. Nice to have that extra insurance with a back-up and lens changing doesn't have to spoil that crucial moment anymore. My normal set up for 35mm (1V & 1N) was just the same, one body with primarily a 16-35mm and the other with a 24-70mm, this got me a nice coverage of stuff. The fisheye and tele zoom (70-200mm) have to go in the camera bag. That old worn Domke is heavy like lead now again and if a bag slasher only knew the value of the stuff I have in it he would wet his pants. Better bring that good 'ol baseball bat with me on next shoot.

Check Post September 3rd 2006 and you will see that the 2 gloroius 35mm, the 1V & 1N has been replaced with the two 5D's. The 20D has been sold for peanuts and a fisheye fullframe 15mm has been added and has proved it self worthy of being part of the m.w.c.p setup. A FUJIFILM GA 645 medium format is now also a steady member in the family on longer trips and on special occations. A luxury peeve then occurred, what do I do with my +40 rolls of 35mm FUJIFILM stored away in the fridge?

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