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Thursday, January 29, 2009


Small local Daruma matsuri (Festival) here in Tokyo. I am not a religious person at all but I really like the story behind the Daruma. And the mood at a place like this is always worth seeing.

Japanese festivals are funny, as most religious "festivals" in general are. I have been around the world, seen many different religions and what they represent and I have to say that I am always fascinated of what I see. Some of the most unbelievable buildings and locations are linked to a religion or sect. The masses, in this case mainly old people paying their respect to a tradition more than anything else, the religion feels secondary here. Money is a leading factor even here as in most so called "holy" events. The local Yakuza are doing their best to squeeze out a yen of the minions selling snacks and beverages. Japan and the mafia has a love/hate relation where everyone are suppose to not notice that anything is wrong by dealing with the thugs, by quickly turning a blind eye to the truth. The Japanese Yakuza is a taboo topic in Japan, and this brings out some rather spectacular social behavior. I am just a mere spectator, taking in what's infront of me and my cameras, and it's amazing what you can see with open eyes!

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