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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

At The Gates - New fat 3 DVD package "The flames of the end"

Wow, came home and found a package from Sweden in the mailbox. I had the intense pleasure to meet and shoot the band (God fathers and innovators of the legendary Gothenburg Sound, this being a classic and pure Swedish melodic death Metal) when they played here in Tokyo May 2008. At The Gates is one of my absolute favorite metal bands of all times.

In the parcel was a brand new At The Gates DVD box set!!  This DVD box features 3 DVD's with "The story of the Gates", "Live material from the vaults" and "Live at Wacken 2008". What more could you possible ask for? I saw ATG at a small venue (Valvet) as a hammerheading youth in Gothenburg where I was going to school (Sailor school!) in the early 90's. I grew up more or less in an identical environment with metal as a key roll in the daily life. There wasn't much else that could top the power metal gave you in this a very much hopeless and out of reach suburban hell hole. There were maybe 5 people in the whole place but ATG kicked ass real hard, and now, 20 years later my photos of the same band is in the fat booklet including in the box set as well as materials in the actual documentary, all from the Tokyo gig. Wow, this really made my day. Thanks Anders, Adrian, Tomas, Martin, Jonas....and Alf of course, who's the one who hooked us up in the first place.

Check images from their gig (with Mayhem, Pig Destroyer, Dilllinger Escape Plan etc) in Tokyo 2008 HERE!


Uncle Allan said...

congratulation duder!! That's pretty damn awesome! Great thing to come home to!

Still an email on it's way,,,fo reals!

Anonymous said...

Sag dokumentaren for nagra veckor sedan, lanade av Affe. Riktigt schysst och en smula melankolisk fran en svunnen epok. Sag allt the old matros slingra forbi i eftertexterna...