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Friday, January 02, 2015

Part 4/6 - 5 Roll Project

Jan 2. Not much to say today. These blackened squares below is a couple of snaps I deliberately under exposed to get the mood I was looking for. There is a place in the heart of the city that is pretty magic and where I do go a lot. The trees and walkways surrounding the Meiji Shrine is a place where you can let your mind wander freely, always reminds me of some scene from the LOTR triology. J.R.R Tolkien would have liked this place I come to believe. To have such a sublime oasis right in the middle of this behemoth of a city is a treat. Anyways, a couple of underexposed squares reflecting the mood and feel I was looking for. Hasselblad 503CX / 80mm f/2.8 / 400 Tri-X & T-max…handheld ofcourse. I'm amazed on how well the metering of my Hasselblad view finder combined with the Kodak film can handle the high lights v.s the really dark shadows. Truly something you will struggle with on any "modern" piece of camera metering.

Lets call this set : Black Fangorn 

This frame is from another place, fits the mood and was shot on the same roll so why not

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